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Retro-cool paintings by artist Ralph Burch impeccably give life to the fun and seductive Pin-Up Series. The mischievous labels surround quality wine, from the 100% woman-owned and run Nostalgia Wines in Oliver, BC.

Boogie Woogie White 2020

Boogie Woogie White 2020

Sweet little Ellie Mae just loves to dance the night away. She’s got the Boogie Woogie fever like no other. Just like Ellie Mae, this vibrant Chardonnay/Viognier blend is ready to get the party started!

Hopping with yellow apple, pineapple, ripe honeydew melon, peaches and pears — she’ll dance alone or partner with savoury appetizers, roast pork, stuffed chicken, Indian and Thai cuisine.

50% Chardonnay, 50% Viognier
All from our Home Vineyard
100% stainless steel fermentation
Production: 263 cases
Pink Cadillac 2020

Pink Cadillac 2020

Billy Jean is on the scene cruisin’ in with her Pink Cadillac. Cute as a button, Billy Jean knows what good taste is all about. She’s a flirt and she uses her Pink Cadillac to lure you in. This little heartbreaker is here for a good time, and she’ll have you begging for more. Catch her while you can!

Pink Cadillac rosé is just like her, playfully alluring you with her pretty perfume of ripe field strawberries, watermelon, and mango. She’ll get your motor running when you taste all the right notes of berries and exotic fruit.

100% Merlot
From Harfman Vineyard
48 hours skin contact, followed by pressing and 100% stainless steel fermentation
Production: 218 cases
Chantilly Lace 2020 Bottle

Chantilly Lace

Cindy Lou’s sparkling giggle creates delight wherever she goes! When this plucky little gal bounces in, her sprightly personality captures the entire room’s attention. Her refreshing, semi-sweet flavours of crisp white peach, pear, tropical mango and pineapple create just the right tone to bring joy to any celebration. including brunch!

81% Kerner, 19% Chardonnay
From Home Vineyard
Production: 426 cases
Rockabilly Red 2018

Rockabilly Red 2018

Ruby Sue certainly couldn’t resist the pull. This good girl gone wild from the Black Sage Bench is a rapturous beauty turned rockabilly temptress who knows what she wants and just how to get it. After all, how could she be expected to play by the rules when she lives to spread that Rockabilly rumble?

Like Ruby Sue, this vibrant red blend isn’t afraid to do what feels good. Rockabilly Red is a big-time riot, luscious and bursting with dark, juicy cherries and blackberries, cherry cola, butterscotch, cocoa, coffee, and a hint of spice. The seductive blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of Cab Franc, Malbec and Syrah makes sure Rockabilly Red will be your next favourite song.

Awards: Silver Medal ~ 2020 All Canadian Wine Awards; 90 Points ~ John Schreiner (July 2020)

33% Merlot (Home Vineyard), 26% Cab Sauv (Harfman Vineyard), 20% Syrah (Home Vineyard), 16% Cab Franc (Farinha Vineyard) & 5% Malbec (Gablemann Vineyard)
Light oak influence (not barrel aged) – best for short term storage (up to 6 years)
Production: 550 cases
Cherry Baby

Cherry Baby

Bobbi Jo is known as quite the little firecracker. Her luscious flavours of ripe dates, toasty pecans, dark chocolate, and lingering black cherry have got the whole town in an uproar!

Each cherry is hand-picked, then destemmed by hand, before a very gentle pressing. The wine is fortified with a neutral spirit, then aged in solera for three years before blending and bottling. The solera method is a Spanish technique in which “mother barrels” were established in 2013. Each time we make Cherry Baby, part of the total volume produced is removed from the solera and bottled, and the remaining volume returned to the solera for more beauty sleep. This means the oldest wine (from the 2013 vintage), is present in a small percentage, following the Spanish philosophy “the oldest wine teaching the youngest.”

A little glass of Cherry Baby is a great way to complete a meal. She’s also fantastic with dark chocolate, including Black Forest Cake!

Serve at cool room temperature, 16°C

Ms. Behavin' White 2020

Ready to take a ride on the wild side?

Hold on tight – this curvy blend of Pinot Gris and Viognier is ready to thrill with her ripe, fruity perfume and intense flavours of Golden Delicious apple, peach, mango, and cantaloupe.

These rich and exotic flavours linger and pair well with roast chicken, sushi, Thai red curry and adventure.

It’s time to start Ms. Behavin’!

71% Pinot Gris (South Okanagan Home, Cassini  and Nunes Vineyards), 29% Viognier (Home Vineyard, Oliver)
Production: 371 cases
Nostalgia - PinUp Series Girls White - 2020

The Girls White 2020

Where’s the fun in following the rules? Like this aromatic white blend of Viognier and Kerner with a touch of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, mixing it up sometimes leads to surprisingly unexpected fun!

Fruity flavours of blood orange, pink grapefruit, apple, pear, ginger spice and a touch of sweetness will tickle your senses.

The Girls love Happy Hour! Try with fries and aioli, fish tacos or savoury flatbread.

We hope ‘The Girls’ will add some mischief to your life and leave you craving more.

48% Viognier (Home Vineyard, Oliver and Gablemann
Vineyard, Oliver), 28% Kerner (Home Vineyard, Oliver), 14% Chardonnay (Home Vineyard, Oliver), 10% Pinot Gris (South Okanagan Home, Cassini  and Nunes Vineyards)
Production: 220 cases
Nostalgia - PinUp Series Girls Rose - 2020

The Girls Rosé 2020

Single and ready to mingle, this Merlot Rosé will seduce your taste buds with her curvy mouthfeel.

Flirty and enticing, her flavours are of ripe field strawberries, watermelon, and guava.

A perfect wine for girls night! Try serving with basil/strawberry cream cheese dip, or watermelon and feta appetizer bites.

We hope ‘The Girls’ will add some mischief to your life and leave you craving more.

100% Merlot (Harfman Vineyard, Osoyoos)
Production: 393 cases
Nostalgia - PinUp Series Girls Red - 2020

The Girls Red 2020

Let loose with this fruity, medium-bodied red blend of Merlot and Syrah with a splash of Malbec and Cabernet Franc.

Her smooth, voluptuous character attracts you, while her seductive flavours seal the deal. Indulge in notes of ripe cherry, juicy plum, raspberry, milk chocolate, creamy vanilla and a hint of baking spice.

Invite The Girls to dinner when you’re serving burgers, pizza, or tomato-based pasta dishes. They’re also great with assorted appetizers … or just have a glass and put up your feet!

We hope ‘The Girls’ will add some mischief to your life and leave you craving more.

Awards: Silver Medal 2021 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada

54% Merlot (Home Vineyard, Oliver), 29% Syrah (Home Vineyard, Oliver), 10% Cabernet Franc (Farinha Vineyard, Osoyoos), 7% Malbec (Gablemann Vineyard, Oliver)
Production: 625 cases